Friday, May 13, 2016

Follow the journey of the duckling in Duck Life 2

Duck Life 2 is the second installment or the sequel to Duck Life 1. Just like other sequels, there are two important things about Duck Life 2. First is the fact that it will be the one that will continue the story that the gamers are looking forward into reading and knowing. Second is the fact that it will continue the level of play that are exciting, challenging and progressing. This time the duckling will embark on a new adventure.
The role of the player in this game is that he or she will be the one training the duckling in order to make it or let it join the World Championships for Ducks. There are five levels in this game such as Enter the Race in which you will have to race with other ducks for the championship, Train Running, Train Flying, Train Swimming and Train Climbing. Play it now on its official site.

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